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Anne Barr
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Selecting the Business Broker who not only will find the buyer for your business, but who also knows how to assist you through the negotiations and many complex steps of selling your business, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Venture Opportunities, Inc. is a Business Brokerage/Mergers & Acquisitions firm, formed in 1986 specializing in the confidential sale of companies ranging in value from $100,000 to $10,000,000. Venture Opportunities, Inc. has assisted over 1,375 owners in the sale of their businesses. V.O.I. is comprised of three owner/intermediaries, all experienced business brokers, as well as active working agents. We are bound together by common goals: to professionally serve our clients and to achieve a high profile in the North Texas market.

Venture Opportunities Professionals are some of the most experienced business brokers in the Metroplex. Most client companies need professional experience they do not have - V.O.I. brokers have over 75 years collective experience in business brokerage - more than any other business brokerage firm in the market! V.O.I. brokers are previous business owners. Venture Opportunities understands business ownership.

Venture Opportunities, Inc. brings together the experience and understanding to provide quality services to their clients:

Advisory - V.O.I. will assist you in developing the overall strategy for selling your business.
Valuation - V.O.I. will assist you in determining a fair market price for your business considering the current market conditions.
Professional Packaging - V.O.I. will prepare a professional profile on your company to emphasize the benefits to the buyer of owning your business.
Locating Buyers - V.O.I. will conduct the search for buyers through discreet networking, referrals, target marketing, internet, using its extensive data base of over 8,500 buyer inquiries and advertising. V.O.I. receives an increasing number of buyer inquiries each month.
Negotiations V.O.I. will assist you in negotiating the price, terms and conditions of sale.
Closing - V.O.I. will coordinate the many intricate closing details between the buyer and seller, attorneys, accountants, landlords, bankers and suppliers so the sale is successfully completes on a timely basis.